Fuel Fabulous Kneeboard

Fuel Fabulous offer a twin tip design to make tricks and turns as simple as ever.  The MagHook system makes getting up easy and safe as the hook goes back down into the board after the handle has been removed.  So easy !!

Deep ergonomic kneepad provides control and comfort.

Wide 3" strap with neoprene lining

Kneeboards are only available in one size for all

Why the MagHook : This handle hook is designed to make it super easy to get up.  The rider can very easily can pull themselves up into the riding position whilst the board is being towed by the handle.  Once in position and the knee strap adjusted, the rider can then remove the handle from the MagHook.  The hook then goes flat into the board and makes it safe to ride.  (Some kneeboard feature a very unsafe and protruding hook that remains as hook even whilst riding - the prefer to not sell these boards)

Suggestion : Purchase the Proline Kneeboard Rope and handle Set as the handle is 15" making it easier to do turn-around tricks where the handle is passed behind the riders back.  This rope set also has three rope shortenings to suit all boat wakes.  Furthermore, the Proline Kneeboard Rope and Handle features the smaller, super tough "hook" handle to save your comfortable main handle. 

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